My mission is to be the beacon of light I wish I had when I became a Mama.



My wish is for all women to connect to their own intuition and use it the same as any other sense like smell or feel. A session with me is just one step in connecting you to your inner wisdom.



I invite you into my world of healing, where my passion for utilizing the energy and healing properties of plants and my ability to read energy and download divine guidance align you and your family from the inside out.



My hope is to activate you to live in alignment with your purpose. One of the magical things about my gifts is that I naturally spark inspiration and passion for your life's purpose and soul's mission. I become your personal spiritual cheerleader who believes in your gifts wholeheartedly.


A divine message for Mamas

Our children are asking us to heal. They need us to heal. By healing our pain as mothers, we break the cycle of the past hurts, and we heal them. This opens and clears their paths allowing them to jump straight into healing humanity, fighting for the light, and ultimately shifting us into a higher vibration.


A little about me

I am a Mama to 4. I always say we became an instant family. I love all things plants. I have been sensitive since I was a child. My awakening came after healing my physical body using Medical Medium protocols, a plant based anti-inflammatory lifestyle. I found my spiritual mentor and became a certified Intuitive Life Coach. My mission is to use my life experience and intuition to guide Mamas and Children to their highest and greatest paths to healing. When we are healed, we are empowered.

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Love notes from mamas

"She delivered messages from my daughter with gentleness, compassion, & clarity on what we can do to support her not only emotionally but through food- such a critical & important thing that's been so tough for us with a "picky" toddler!

With her guidance & energetic healing she did for our daughter I saw immediate results in her temperament & willingness to try new things. So grateful for this beautiful Mama's gifts & look forward to making this a new parenting routine."

Kristine M

Om Mommas Founder

Author of Momtras: Mantras for Mindful Moms


"After just one session, my baby boy and I are even more connected than before. I was empowered by the messages I received and I feel my baby bloomed incredibly after being able to express his souls’ needs through Annika. This body & soul alignment was exactly the guide we needed to continue this earthly path in the best possible way. Thank you, Annika!"

Juanita L